The first of its kind in the world, this particular drink was designed as an "Espresso Martini" on tap. Taking advantage of the technology that allows Guinness it's famed texture, this technique allows for that same creaminess you expect from the traditional drink with a much wider range of flavour. 


Building from my work on carbonated cocktails that could be designed, produced and sold in venue, our team saw an opportunity to take the delivery & production method a further step. The challenge was to not only serve a cocktail from a beer system, but to serve a cocktail that normally required a vigorous shake. Cold Brew Coffee & Guinness were earmarked as pivotal influences. A not-so-secret love for Jack Daniel’s Espresso Martinis led us to partnering on a next level Jack & Coke serve.


Close study and working knowledge of beer delivery systems helped us to purchase and construct the parts necessary to blend, prepare & serve our new category of product. Following this was a period of testing as the recipe was refined for consistent preparation & delivery into a glass. Unique branding was created to add a luxury permanence & presence in the venue. Customer & staff feedback was included into the recipe on a rolling basis, creating a truly democratic serve that stands as an icon for the brands.


A world first upon launch and still being served (and emulated) 3 years later, the Tennessee Nitro Martini is a long-established and well loved brand serve. Generating global press, the relationship with Jack Daniel’s continues to grow in strength. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge from bartenders, the Mr Lyan team has just completed a first educational tour of Europe with Jack Daniel’s, generating continued press for the serve and impressing hundreds of attendees.