• Robin Honhold

Munchies Reports on Wine Without Grapes

Never one to settle or be happy until my curiosity for a subject is satisfied, it had niggled at me for a while back in the days of White Lyan that we owned everything on the menu except our wine. We could control every flavour, then when our wine suppliers started delivering inconsistent products it sparked a curiosity!

Wine is sacrosanct as a product, hugely admired with a history stretching back millenia. Like everything it has its limitations. So I embarked on an experiment that got a bit out of hand, developing and delivering "sort of wines" that had all the characteristics of wine. The key difference was our ability to change the recipe every time we made a batch, and we could make as many batches as we liked, not tied growing seasons.

This gave the opportunity to develop a wine as you might develop the flavours in a dessert, or a cocktail! Picking and choosing, blending complementary ingredients and picking yeast strains that could deliver the right aromas. A truly versatile way of creating and delivering "wine"!

We were having so much fun that Vice wrote about it in their Munchies column, read the full article here.