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Food & Drink Recipes from Cub Restaurant

The Telegraph newspaper stopped by Cub. Along with some great words on the venue itself, they featured some of my recipes so you can also make these drinks at home! They are designed to be super simple to make and serve: No shaking, no stirring. Just prepare in advance and serve straight from the fridge. Perfect for a busy restaurant menu or a party in your pad (one less thing to worry about!)

See a recipe below, or click here to read the full article (including food recipes!)

One from the article:

Herefordshire cassis, GB vermouth, hibiscus Scotch


For the hibiscus tea

- 3 heaped tsp dried hibiscus

- 100g honey (the fancier/more sustainable the better)

To assemble

- 175ml Bruichladdich The Organic Scotch

- 75ml Cocchi Americano

- 50ml White Heron Herefordshire Cassis

- 5ml good-quality absinthe

To serve

- big chunks of ice

- slices of blood orange


Pour 500ml boiling water into a jug with the dried hibiscus. Leave to brew until cold.Strain the hibiscus tea through a tea strainer then stir in the honey to dissolve.

It’s now ready to serve (anything leftover from the cocktail is delicious to drink on its own). Combine 300ml of the sweetened hibiscus tea with the rest of the ingredients in a clean bottle. Store in the fridge to chill (this is good for about 
a week in the fridge).Before serving, give the bottle a turn over & a quick shake. Serve over 
a big chunk of ice in a rocks glass, and garnish with a slice 
of blood orange. No shaking required!

Photography by : Benjamin MacMahon

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