• Robin Honhold

Cacao Republic Recipe with Dave Broom

It's a real pleasure getting to see friends do great things, and an honour when they ask for your input!

Dave Broom is a legend in the world of spirits, with a number of publications to his name. "Rum The Manual" explores the great variety of rums on the market. More importantly, it explores some of the best way to enjoy your rums! This is a simple recipe, the ingredients for which can be picked up at most decent bottle shops. Light and elegant, it leans towards refreshing even though on the surface it reads punchy. Refreshing like a great martini!

You can find this recipe in its White Rum section, in amongst drinks from some lovely friends and great bartenders.

Cacao Republic

In a mixing glass or tin, combine:

40ml White Rum

20ml Noilly Prat

1tsp Orange Liqueur

1 tsp Cacao Blanc

5ml Grenadine

Stir until the tin/glass is ice cold and strain in to a frozen (and ideally Dainty!) Cocktail glass. Garnish by twisting a strip of orange peel over the top for some good orange-y oils.