• Robin Honhold

Playing catch up to the Era of No/Lo

From the opinion of a self-titled flavour nerd, to give you the edge and ownership of your whole menu, brief guides on what you can do to make your "sans-alcohol" items something to be proud of.

A product of the realisation that - after a decade serving the world's best drinks and often being lucky enough to eat and drink amazing, rare things - I didn't have enough truly delicious alcohol free drinks on file to count on two hands. 

For everyone who's ever answered the question "what do you have without booze?" with a shrug and a glance at the dusty mixers shelf and creaky coffee machine, and everyone who's settled for that disrespect.  For everyone that's spanking £200/head on dinner and the best you can get is a tin of coke (Not even a glass bottle!). 

These two articles are for you.

They'll change the way you think about the 30% of customers who don't drink. Show them to your bartender, tell them it's not acceptable any more. 

Customers, you deserve better.

MAKING ZERO THE HERO - Imbibe July Issue (print)