Spirits Brand Development - Empirical Spirits


Based in Copenhagen, Empirical Spirits are pushing the boundaries of flavour in distilled products. Overseen by world famous food experts, they deliver spirits made with products never seen before in a bottle, using innovative techniques to retain the freshest seasonal flavours possible.


Made to be consumed in restaurants and by flavour hunters, Empirical Spirits had grown a loyal following throughout the world by selling limited runs of super unique bottles through their web platform. Looking to the future, to continue reaching new flavour-mad consumers they searched out a partner that could ease their entry into the UK distribution market and found kindred spirits in the team at Mr Lyan HQ.


Empirical Spirits is continuously reviewed as one of the most interesting spirits in the world: “Mind-bending complexity”, “The year’s best booze”. Now distributed to the on-trade in the UK by the “IWSC Spirits Distributor of the year”, it is listed in some of London and the UK’s best bars and restaurants. So if you find yourself unable to buy it online (more often than not!) you can find it in venues, and suggestions on how to drink it through their social media.


To amplify the unique properties of the product, relationships with the right distribution partners would give access to customers desperate to buy a bottle. Previously mainly purchased by residential consumers, this was the first time a direct route to on-trade was sought. For those would-be customers & restaurants who were intrigued by the madness of it all though yet to be converted, a menu of drinks and cocktails was developed. These were designed to match with the target customers’ curiosity, stopping short of becoming too complex to deliver with speed and simplicity.